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Fixed Income Research

Unbiased research on the broadest range of Australian bonds and fixed income securities.

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Data & Valuations

Transparent securities data including wholesale pricing rates.

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Interactive education and insights to grow your knowledge of fixed income markets.

Portfolio Management

Build, manage and track your portfolio from one central location.

Model Portfolios

Model portfolios designed by credit experts.

Investment Tools

Intelligent tools and securities filtering to help you choose the right investments.

Helping more people invest in bonds

Advisers & Brokers

Investors need a range of options when it comes to generating income. BondAdviser gives you the knowledge and tools to confidently broaden your offer to include direct bonds and fixed income securities.



Finding information on Australian bonds and fixed income securities can be difficult and time consuming. BondAdviser saves you time by providing unbiased, transparent research, data and analytics in one site.


Private Investors

Bonds can provide a steady source of income and capital stability, and are a great alternative to term deposits. BondAdviser makes it easy for you to research and compare securities for your portfolio.


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BondAdviser is Australia’s only specialist independent fixed income research platform providing valuable information and clear investment recommendations for all ASX-listed interest rate securities and a broad range of over-the-counter corporate bonds.

BondAdviser is the first choice for financial advisers, stockbrokers, private banks; and wealth management firms that need access to the highest quality, most timely and independent fixed income insights and useful analytical tools.

“Independent research is critical and BondAdviser delivers us an excellent balance of commentary, sophisticated analytical tools and transparency.”

John McClusky – General Manager, NAB Income and Investment Solutions (NIIS)

“BondAdviser is our first choice for fixed income research, providing us with excellent and independent data to complement our in-house research teams’ equities insights.”

Geoff Worrell – Head of Private Wealth, Baillieu Holst

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