Research Process

Our expert research team is focused on delivering unbiased information and insights backed by rigorous analysis. Here’s our approach.

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Rigorous Research. Reliable Recommendations.

At BondAdviser, we use a clearly defined, six-step research process to analyse fixed income securities.

The key benefit of our research is that it provides investors with valuable information and a clear investment recommendation – buy, sell or hold.

This process simplifies an otherwise complex procedure into an easy and recognisable recommendation scale.

BondAdviser’s research recommendations are based on the analysis of a mixed qualitative factors such as operational performance and economic trends, and quantitative factors such as historical and projected credit metrics.

Our Six-Step Process

Our process is based on the six key steps summerised below.

1. Security Screening
All possible securities are put through our screening process in order to define the research universe.

2. Issuer Assessment
We begin our analysis by identifying the level of risk for the issuer of a security by analysing a range of qualitative and quantitative factors.

3. Security Assessment
We then analyse the unique characteristics of the security itself via the offer document or prospectus.

4. Valuation
We then calculate a valuation for the security to determine whether investors are being appropriately compensated for the level of risk associated with the product.

5. Recommendation
Drawing on our insights, we assign a research recommendation – buy, hold or sell – to the security.

6. Review & Adjust
Finally, we conduct ongoing monitoring of changing conditions to ensure our research recommendation remains valid.

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