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If you’re thinking about investing in bonds and fixed income securities, BondAdviser has all the information you need to make intelligent decisions.

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Income for your portfolio

Direct bonds used to be the preserve of only the largest and wealthiest investors. But thanks to recent developments a wide range of bonds are now more affordable and accessible.

If you’re seeking income for your portfolio, bonds could be the answer. With regular income payments, capital stability and fixed term maturity, they are a great alternative to term deposits. And with low correlation to equities, they add diversification to your portfolio.

Make intelligent decisions

A subscription to BondAdviser puts all of the information you need about investing in fixed income securities at your fingertips. We enable you to search, research and compare the market so you can build a sensible portfolio.

The research, analysis and insights on BondAdviser are delivered by our expert team of research analysts. They focus on providing unbiased information backed by rigorous analysis so you can make intelligent investment decisions.

All the information you need in one place

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Broadest Coverage

With the broadest research coverage of retail-accessible bonds and fixed income securities, you can review and assess all available investments from one central location.

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Unbiased Research

Our unbiased research reports are designed to guide and assist your decision-making before you place an order with your broker or dealer.

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Clear Recommendations

We provide a recommendation – Buy, Hold or Sell – on every security we cover to help you assess and choose the best investments for you.

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Transparent Data & Pricing

BondAdviser is the central reference point for fixed income data. To give you pricing power, we quote transparent, wholesale rates that are free of brokerage fees.

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New & Existing Securities

Our research covers new and existing securities and we update our reports regularly so you can invest in both the primary and secondary markets.

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Learn As You Go

Throughout our research and website you will find interactive links to definitions and articles on fixed income investing to help you make more informed decisions.

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Sophisticated investment tools

Performance analytics, a price-yield calculator and our sophisticated securities filtering function help you select investments best suited to your needs.

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Online anytime

BondAdviser is available online so you can research and review investments at a time and place that suits you.

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Expert team

BondAdviser’s research and recommendations are delivered by our expert team so you can be confident in the information we provide.


“Bonds have been the forgotten asset class for direct private investors for over thirty years. With BondAdviser as my independent and unbiased partner in the fixed interest market, I can now find research and pricing data that helps me to transact in securities at the best price and build bond portfolios for my clients with confidence.”

– James Graham, Peregrine Securities and Investments

“BondAdviser is a highly-regarded provider of fixed income research backed by an excellent technology platform. We are pleased to form this partnership that will help enhance the overall depth of service we provide to Ballieu Holst clients.”

– Geoff Worrell, Head of Private Wealth
Baillieu Holst